Popular Songs by Jon Secada

All singers who were born with an amazing and wonderful talent such as singing are given the opportunity to become popular. Not all people were blessed to have a talent in singing. So, those who were discovered whether through talent shows or uploaded videos, many people envy them. In your own country, for sure there are many talented singers who were discovered. Do you know Jon Secada?

He is a famous talented singer. Through his talent, he received many awards and many of his albums were sold. His music is very amazing! Many artists like Jennifer Lopez and Mandy Moore believed in his talent as a songwriter as well. Since the 1980’s, he worked diligently as a composer and singer.

What are the popular songs of Jon Secada?

  • If I Never Knew You – You might be familiar with the cartoon movie “Pocahontas”. The background song of this movie was performed by Jon Secada and Shanice in 1995.
  • I’m Free – Through this song, you will be more amazed by the voice of Jon Secada. This song can make you feel that you are free.
  • Window to My Heart – When you listen to this song, for sure you will be moved just by listening to the handsome voice of the famous Jon Secada.

  • She’s All I Ever Had – You can feel through this  song about a sincere and true love.
  • Where do I go From You – The lyrics of this song is very meaningful. It shows about love that is true.
  • I’m Never Too Far Away – A sad song but also an encouragement song that gives hope to loved ones.