The Proper Stance of a Singer when Singing

Talented people especially in singing actually need to follow proper way of singing. We may not all be talented in singing but we can all sing. However, if you want to sing professionally, you have to follow and practice proper way of singing, also known as “the singer’s stance”. Singing is not only about the good voice of a singer.

In the aboveĀ  infographic, the proper stance or postureĀ  for a singer is shown. If a singer follow this stance, it will help him or her sing well without feeling any tension. What are the proper singing position of a vocalist? Every part of the body should be considered while singing.

The chin, shoulders, abdomen, hands, knees, and feet should be in a proper position. In order to produce good sound, proper positioning of these parts of the body should be followed. This is strictly implemented in vocal or voice lessons.

Some singers don’t follow the proper singing posture. You can notice some singers that it seems they feel a difficulty in singing. Being relaxed is very important to avoid tension while singing because it will affect the performance. Try to compare slouched position and the proper position. You can notice a great difference.

While singing, the chin must not be too high or too low to the floor. Let your shoulders relax. The abdomen, too, must not feel any tension. If the microphone has a stand, just let your hands be on the sides. Also, do not let your feet locked up. Instead, let your body’s weight be carried forward.