Greatest Genre of Music

With so many genre of music, there are certain genre of music that are very famous in these days. Generally, there are several genre of music. However, there are three genre of music that are very meaningful in the history of music.

Pop Songs

After Rock and Roll emerged, Pop songs were develop during the mid centuries. There was a gradual change of music that trends in those days. Hearing the new trend of music, people began to praise pop songs and that they came to recognize it as a more and more lovely songs. These songs include love songs and because of these, classical songs slowly faded.

Rock Songs

Along with Pop songs, this genre of music too was created in the west and that it started to spread towards the whole world since its establishment. It became very popular even to the east and this made the east be glorified through their amazing performance. What is so amazing is that Asian rock songs are becoming competent with the western rock songs. It is the same with rock music.


Nowadays, rap is accompanied by many vocal styles. Sometimes, there is no need for musical instruments when singers rap. It has been so familiar for rappers to use beat box. Most rap songs tell stories in the third and 2nd person point of view at the same time. Actually many of the good rappers are Africans, they are really good at it. Perhaps, this is because rapping originated from their ancestry.