Jon Secada’s Musical Performance

Jon Secada has been performing on stage when he was at his teen. He performed different kinds of musical genre such as pop, rhythm and blues, jazz and so on. He is one of the most amazing singers of Latin in the 20th century. He is not only a singer but also a song writer. For example, he co-authored the “Coming out of the dark” from the album “into the light”.┬áThis album reached even to 30 millions views in Youtube videos and he was able to sold out more that 30 million albums in the world.

He had a lot of single performance that lead him to win the Grammy award twice. With over millions of sale, ha had already become so famous all over the world. He is the most famous singer in Cuba because he has already reached the peak of his dream.

His solo and group music performance in stage have been published and that it has been so famous in all over the world. The song “if you go” is his biggest achievement. Because of his talent in music, he has been able to move the hearts of people in the world.

Even his first album that was published, people have been praising his songs even to this very day although his songs were published long time ago in the 1990’s. He became adventurous because of his career, performing on stage anywhere in the world. Even to this day, his songs are played and are familiar to the people.